Let's Work Through it. Together.


There may be roadblocks in your way that are preventing you from attaining your goals and reaching your optimum potential. Fear of the unknown may be your impediment or poor time management may be your issue. Whatever obstacles are causing discomfort in your career, relationship, family system or day-to-day routine, Jen will work with you to identify the key problems. Together you will hand tailor the most effective plan to lead you to ultimate personal and / or professional success.

Life Coach Boca Raton Florida
Career Counselor Boca Raton florida
Relatonship Counselor Boca Raton Florida
Life Coaching


  • Short and Long-term goal setting (personal, professional, relationship)

  • Taking personal accountability

  • Tap into your full potential

  • Get out of a “rut”; you feel “stuck” – identifying and working through roadblocks and fears

  • Guidance through life changing events (relocation, change in relationship status, change of career)

  • How to balance career, home and personal life

Career Counseling


  • Resume Development (Chronological vs. Industry – Skills Based)

  • Cover and thank you Letters

  • Interview Skills

  • Change of Career (loss of job, unhappy in current field)

  • Leadership Skills / Effective Communication Skills

  • Grow or start a new business

Family/Relationship Coaching


  • Coaching may be done alone or with family /partner
  • Learn healthy communication skills and boundary setting
  • Understand codependency and how to recover
  • Resolve grief and loss issues
  • Navigate family dynamics through the addiction and recovery process
Career Counselor Boca Raton florida

Transitioning from treatment to “the real world"


  • Reconnecting with your family 

  • Understanding what healthy boundaries are 

  • Learning how to implement limitations 

  • Accepting your current restrictions may not be permanent 

  • Deciding which people may not be healthy for you to engage with