Coaching or


Based on initial assessments, you will work closely with Jen to determine the appropriate course of action. Whether it is Life Coaching or Therapy, the goal will be to help guide you to a significant reduction in feelings of distress as well as increased satisfaction in interpersonal relationships. Ideally you will emerge with greater personal awareness and insight, increased skills for managing stress and resolutions to your specific problems. 

  • Main focus is on the future rather than delving into past issues

  • Coaching emphasizes “HOW” to achieve desired results through developing new skills, creating action plans and setting goals

  • For many clients, coaching may feel like an enjoyable experience as the work being done is for lifestyle improvement

  • May be done telephonically or face-to-face in a traditional office setting

  • Contact between sessions not limited to emergency or crisis intervention


  • Therapy typically begins with discussing past issues, family of origin, unresolved trauma

  • Therapy initially focuses on uncovering WHY issues began and evolves into working on the presenting problem

  • For many patients, therapy may cause uncomfortable feelings

  • Therapy is mostly done face-to-face in a clinician’s office

  • Contact between sessions is usually only in emergency or crisis situation